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人教版英语 七年级上册 同步重点必背短语

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本文摘要:Starter Units 1-3 写下你的名字 write down your name男生们的名字boys’ names女生们的名字girls’ names用英语 in English用汉语in Chinese谈论 talk about看图片 look at the picture晚安 Good night.一个苹果 an apple一个小时 an hour你好(初次晤面)How do you do?现在你懂了。



Starter Units 1-3 写下你的名字 write down your name男生们的名字boys’ names女生们的名字girls’ names用英语 in English用汉语in Chinese谈论 talk about看图片 look at the picture晚安 Good night.一个苹果 an apple一个小时 an hour你好(初次晤面)How do you do?现在你懂了。Now you see.我会说我的ABC. I can say my ABC.Unit 1英语单词 English words在图片中 in the picture在一张纸上 on a piece of paper取出 take out姓family / last name 名first/ given name校园卡 school ID card在ID卡上 on the ID card见到你很兴奋。Nice to meet you.中学middle school电话号码 telephone numberUnit 2家庭关系图 family tree家庭照片 family photo在我的家庭里 in my family一张玛丽的家庭照片a photo of my family两张我的家庭照片 two nice photos of my family在第一张照片里in the first photo你也是 You, too.你们俩You two.愿你们一天玩得开心 Have a good time.Unit 3怎么样?What/ How about打扰一下Excuse me.多谢你的资助 Thanks for your help.不客套 You are welcome.电脑游戏 computer games.在图书馆in the library向老师要你的条记本 ask your teacher for your notebook电话号码 telephone number我的校卡 my school ID card一串钥匙 a set of keys一套书 a set of books一套音乐CD a set of CDs寻物启事 lost and found 学习用品 school things 失物招领台 lost and found case资助某人做某事 help sb. do/ to do/ with sth.给我marryg2@gfimail.com这个邮箱发邮件 E-mail me at marryg2@gfimail.com拨打电话358-9867找我 call me at 358-9867向谁要 ask sb. for sth.Unit 4加油, 快点 Come on在沙发上on the sofa在你爷爷奶奶的房间里in your grandparents’ room在抽屉里 in the drawer在讲台上 on the teacher’s desk录音机 tape player在收音机下面under the radio一个洁净的女生a tidy girl在墙上(外貌)on the wall在墙上(内里)in the wall在门后behind the door在课堂内里的前部 in the front of the classroom在课堂外面的前面 in front of the classroom课堂的门 the door of the classroomUnit 5两个网球 two tennis balls三个足球 three soccer balls四个乒乓球 four ping-pong balls几个网球拍some tennis rackets我们走 Let’s go让某人做某事 let sb. do我们上学迟到了。

We are late for school那听起来不错 That sounds good.玩电脑游戏 play computer games打网球play tennis打排球play volleyball踢足球play soccer看电视 watch TV去上同一个学校go to the same school在电视上 on TV下课后 after class在学校 after school在睡觉前 before going to bed在踢足球后 after playing soccer和某人一起玩 play with sb.这对我来说很容易。It’s easy for me.Unit 6跑步怎么样? What about running?约翰的生日晚餐 John’s birthday party思量 think about体育明星 a running star最后一个问题 one last question询问某人有关某事 ask sb. about sth.想要做某事 want to do sth.饮食习惯 eating habit康健食品 healthy food鸡肉汉堡chicken hamburger鱼肉汉堡 fish hamburger水果沙拉 fruit salad土豆沙拉 potato salad对于早餐 for breakfast吃得好 eat well吃面包当早餐 have bread for breakfastUnit 7几多钱 how much几多学生 how many students几多米饭 how much rice两元 two yuan两美元 two dollars一件学校用的毛衣 sweaters for school三元两双 three yuan for two pairs在我们的大甩卖期间 at our great sale以很好的价钱 at a good price= at good prices屋子的价钱很贵 the price of the house is high车的价钱很自制 the price of the car is low仅以15美元 for only 15 yuan给你 Here you are.促销中 on sale紫色的裙子 skirts in purple一双蓝色的袜子a pair of blue socks一条玄色的裤子 a pair of black trousers在广告里 in the ad来我们的店吧 Come to our store.给某人买某工具 buy sth. for sb.把某工具卖给某人 sell sth. to sb.我要买下它。I will take it.Unit 8在5点 at five在上午 in the morning在五月二号的上午on the morning of May 2nd在星期六 on Saturday在星期六上午 on Saturday morning在五月 in May在六月一号on June 1st在七月一号的上午 on the morning of July 1st在一个晴朗的上午 on a sunny morning生日派对 birthday party/ parties英语考试 an English test学校旅游 school trip图书销售 book sale校园运动日 School Day体育节 sports festival艺术节 art festival本学期 this term再见 see you.一个真的很忙的学期a really busy term忙着做什么 be busy doing / with sth.在星期五下午on Friday afternoon在周二和周四 on Tuesday and Thursday举行足球赛 have a soccer game举行派对 have a party从12点到1点 from 12:00 to 1:00举行一次到深圳的校游 have a school trip to Shenzhen举行图书展销 have a book sale举行艺术节 have an art festival举行学校开放日 have a school day举行英语节 have an English Day举行生日聚会 have a birthday party一些有趣而快乐的事情 some fun and interesting thingsUnit 9他喜爱的科目his favorite subject和我们玩游戏 play games with us第二天 the next day简直如此 That’s for sure.你今天过得怎样? How is your day?一辆有用的车a useful car做完某事 finish doing sth.从什么到什么 from…to…地理老师 a geography teacher达两个小时 for two hours半小时 half an hour两个半小时 two hours and a half = two and a half hours。




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